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This past week we hosted Renounced & Drawing Last Breath in Wolverhampton being supported by Brass Tongue & Chamber. DLB are currently in the UK for the first time touring with Renounced following the release of their new album "Theories of Despair" on Carry The Weight Records.

Opening the show was local band Chamber playing only their 2nd show following opening for Sentenced back in July, Chamber have been able to not only open the Wolverhampton date but the Manchester date as well on this package. Since their first show Chamber had improved tenfold and the inclusion of a cover of Punishment by Biohazard they ended their set on a high with a great reaction from the crowd. Following on from Chamber were Brass Tongue from Birmingham who'd recently dropped their new demo which you can find online now for FREE. Brass Tongue notorious for putting on a fast & furious set did not disappoint playing a mixture of old & new material.

Drawing Last Breath took to the stage next and besides having to play a shorter set due to member fill-ins DLB played an incredible set. I'd not heard much of them prior to this tour being announced but for their first time playing the UK coming from the states DLB smashed it. Last up on this evenings event was Renounced who have had a massive rise within the last 12 months between massive UK support slots & touring Europe & America. Renounced did not disappoint with a set combined of new & old material which lead to an amazing crowd reaction and a pit that indulged the entire venue. If you get chance make sure you catch Renounced as these guys are blowing up!


After being friends going back 3/4 years I took some time to ask John Torn some questions about his life in the hardcore scene.


So besides Recon, what other bands have you been in?

Currently I have a band called Scavengers, and a couple other projects that are still cooking, still in the oven. I've been in a bunch of others over the years, Tripface, First Blood for a couple years, Rising Up Rising Down, a bunch of Albany bands, filled in with Most Precious Blood, Death Is Easy, about 800 others.


Where is your favourite place to play in Europe?

Gotta play the Underworld in London, gotta take a walk and hit up Cookies & Scream and Cyberdog. But overall, Verket in Umeå, Sweden is probably my favourite spot to play in Europe; the whole time I was there, I felt like I had walked through a time warp and was reliving 1995 but without being 14 and having bad acne.


Who has been your favourite band to tour with over the years?

Probably Palehorse because Dave Heck was in it.

Who is the noisiest dude you have toured with in? Either just a loud drunk or someone who snores none stop?

Oh man I can't answer this. What happens on the road never comes home...drunkenness, snoring, or otherwise.


What’s the scoop with Recon, We’ve seen the re-release is happening, will there be any more shows or new songs?

Yeah man we've got the Graves vinyl re-release coming in June which I'm really excited about, that's the first release on my label, Maitsuba. We'll be doing some shows around August, when we can fit them in around Tony's schedule with State Champs. We have been working on some new songs actually, but it's too early to say when they'll be ready for prime inquire.


Who is your favourite band of all time?

Three-way tie between Dissolve, Starkweather, and Beastie Boys.


Are there any local bands to your area people in the UK should be checking out?

Best Albany area band is Born Low